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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

The following are the rights of Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC’s patients:

  • The right to be fully informed in advance about the care, treatments, and/or services to be provided, including the disciplines that furnish care and the frequency of visits as well as any modifications to the plan of care.
  • The right to be able to identify visiting staff members through proper identification.
  • The right to be cared for and choose an organization that adheres to ethical care and business practices.
  • The right to be informed of care, treatment, and/or service limitations.
  • The right to be involved in his or her care.
  • The right to have the plan of care adapted to his or her specific needs and limitations.
  • The right to make informed decisions regarding care.
  • The right to have their values and preferences, including decisions to refuse care, discontinue care treatments, and services respected.
  • The right to the confidentiality of the information collected about them and to control access to this information.
  • The right to privacy and security and to have their property respected.
  • The right to have care, treatments, and services provided in a manner that safeguards each patent's dignity and cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual values.
  • The right to be free from mental, physical, sexual, verbal abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • The right to have a complaint heard, reviewed, and, if possible, resolved.
  • The right to be involved in resolving conflicts, dilemmas, or ethical issues about care or service decisions.
  • The right to formulate advance directives.
  • The right to be involved in decisions to withhold resuscitation and decisions to forgo or withdraw life-sustaining care.
  • The right to be involved in decisions when the organization's review results in a denial of care, treatment, services, or payment.
  • The right to choose whether or not to participate in research, investigational or experimental studies, or clinical trials.
  • The right to be communicated with, both directly, and indirectly through other providers, in an ethical and efficient manner.
  • The right to help patients, family members, and other care providers understand and exercise their rights.
  • The right to be informed of his or her responsibilities in the provision of care, treatments, and services.
  • The right to be informed of any obligation Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC has under applicable laws and/or regulations.
  • The right to have consequences of any requested modifications and actions that are not recommended explained and to have alternative care, treatments, and services explained.
  • The right to be provided with information about the charges for which the patient is responsible.
  • The right to access, request amendments to and receive an accounting of disclosures regarding their own health information as permitted under applicable law.
  • The right to be informed of any existing or potential conflict of interest, including financial benefits that can affect the provision of care when referred to an organization.
  • The right to refuse to talk to persons not associated with the organization or not directly involved in their care; such persons may include visitors, vendors, accreditation surveyors, and representatives of community organizations.

Patient Responsibilities

Safety and healthcare delivery provided is enhanced when Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC’s patients, as appropriate to their care, are partners in the healthcare process. Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC is entitled to reasonable and responsible behavior on the part of the patients, within their capabilities, and their families. The following are defined as the responsibilities for Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC’s patients:

  • Responsibility to provide accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to his or her health.
  • Responsibility to report perceived risks in their care and unexpected changes in his or her condition.
  • Responsibility to help Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC understand his or her environment by providing feedback about service needs and expectations.
  • Responsibility to ask questions when he or she does not understand care, treatments, and services or expectations.
  • Responsibility to follow the care, treatments, and services as planned.
  • Responsibility for the outcomes if he or she does not follow Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC's care, treatments, and services.
  • Responsibility to follow Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC’s rules and regulations.
  • Responsibility to be considerate of Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC's staff and property.
  • Responsibility to meet any financial obligation agreed to with Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC.

By understanding and respecting these values, Access Healthcare Services & Supplies, LLC can meet care, treatment, and service needs and preferences. A copy of the Patient Rights and Responsibilities will be provided upon each new patient admission (see Policy 4-03, Providing Care, Treatment, and Services). Each patient will be given the opportunity to ask questions about their care, treatments, and services, including their rights and responsibilities. It is the patient's responsibility to read and understand the Patient Rights and Responsibilities; this form will be provided initially and as needed thereafter.

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